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Qenza Prayer Mat - Granada (Pink)

This Qenza mat is inspired by a verse in Surah Al-An'am, named after the last Muslim Empire in Europe. Comes complete with a carry bag, a natural finish beech wood hanger and an inspiration card.

Behind the Design
Qenza Mat - Granada is named after the last Muslim city in Europe, located in the Kingdom of Andalusia and home to one of the most powerful Muslim kingdoms in history. It was the Nasrid Kingdom (1232 - 1492) that built the Alhambra, the palace complex that still stands today. For two or more centuries, the Nasrids ruled peacefully over a myriad of cultures; Jewish, Muslim, Arab and Christian communities coexisted peacefully. Incidentally, 'granada' means pomegranate in Spanish.

• Hand sewn
• Made of plush fabric and cushioned with foam
• Has an anti-slip, dirt-repellent back coating

Size and Measurements
115cm x 75cm x 2cm

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