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Qenza Prayer Mat - Damascus (Emerald)

This Qenza mat is inspired by a verse in Surah Al-An'am, named after the last Muslim Empire in Europe. Comes complete with a carry bag, a natural finish beech wood hanger and an inspiration card.

Behind the Design
Qenza Mat - Damascus is named after one of the oldest cities in the Middle East. Founded in the 3rd millennium B.C., it is a city rich with history and culture. The city has some 125 monuments from different periods of its history – one of the most spectacular is the 8th-century Great Mosque of the Umayyads, built on the site of an Assyrian sanctuary and one of the oldest sites of continuous prayer since the rise of Islam.

• Hand sewn
• Made of plush fabric and cushioned with foam
• Has an anti-slip, dirt-repellent back coating

Size and Measurements
115cm x 75cm x 2cm

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